Thursday, February 4, 2010

Error Code 80048831 I Can't Sign Into MSN, I Get Error Code: 80048831...My Password Has Expired (every 72 Days)?

I can't sign into MSN, I get error code: 80048831...My password has expired (every 72 days)? - error code 80048831

This system allows me to reset my password and can not remember the answer to my question! Help please!

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alexwrig... said...

It might be useful now, but if you've set up your account, you'll probably find whether or not the trouble, the terms and conditions standard check. The bit you missed or ignored if you wanted a safer place for your account. This is something ignored or abandoned by most users. They may u check and change your password (s) regularly as collateral, making it less likely that your account is from someone else, usually chopped or cost, to their detriment.

Personally, I have to change my password and secret question (s) every 1 1/2-2 months, so that if something undesirable is created by one of my accounts, you can usually to it quickly enough.

There are other ways to reset your password, but you need a different e-mail address in the reset information, or you can get to, at home and try to log in from there, and if he ask for your password, simply click on "Forgot your password? table of the leading either an alternate e-mailE-mail or your e-mail back and are again prompted for certain information, and then a new password. Remember to safely store the information back away from your computer when you are finished. Either make sure your password is not easily broken, and you remember the password.

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